The Social Reboot

web-design-serviceAs a marketing expert, I spend my days (and some nights) working to improve the customer engagement, branding, and overall image of my clients.

This is a never-ending job as business and marketing is always evolving due to constant developments in technology, methods, and practices, and I need to do my best to keep up for the sake of my clients.

As a result, the last company I come to address the marketing issues for, is usually my own, and I never really get to practice what I preach with Red Flame Marketing.

However, that’s all about to change as, over the coming months, I’m going to overhaul my online marketing, explaining the reasons for my changes as I go, and turn all of my social media channels into pages that I’m proud to have representing my company.

Most importantly, I’m going to demonstrate how you can apply the same techniques to your business, as well as tips on lead generation, blogs and content, and social media etiquette, as we gradually explore the world of modern marketing.

So, consider this the starting pistol, and make sure you are following Red Flame Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, so you can see the full transformation and the effect it has, as well as exclusive content for users on each page.

Finally, make sure you check back here, as there will be more content on the dos and don’ts of modern marketing and monthly updates on this social media reboot. Meeting regularly to talk about marketing is a good practice to get into, so let’s make this our regular meeting place, as good marketing requires time, effort, and a certain amount of dedication to get right.

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12 good reasons to use social media


  1. It’s free to set up and use!
  2. It can add to your existing communication channels to your prospects, customers and suppliers (in fact all stakeholders) and complement these channels
  3. It helps you engage with your stakeholders and keep them informed about your business, products, services, and achievements, quickly and very cost-effectively
  4. You can find new customers, clients, suppliers and prospects on social media – without the usual associated costs
  5. You can use social media to raise awareness amongst your target audiences of your business, its products, services and development
  6. You can showcase your expertise or build your expertise via social media
  7. You can take advantage of ‘viral marketing’
  8. You can create ‘ambassadors’ for your business which can help improve your brand, profile, credibility and profits
  9. Social media is constantly evolving, so there are more and more opportunities to use it to benefit your business
  10. You can use it to find employees – and minimise the chance of hiring the wrong employees!
  11. Like having a website, it is now expected that businesses have a social media presence. It ‘authenticates’ a business and makes it more acceptable to other potential customers, prospects, suppliers or even strategic partners.
  12. Those businesses that ignore social media will lose out!

Still think social media’s not for your business? Think again.

Do you still think that social media is for telling people what you’re having for lunch?

Do you think it’s just frivolous nonsense? Yes, much of it is.

But more and more small and medium-sized businesses and owner managed businesses are finally waking up to the potential value to their marketing and bottom line of using social media for business.

Watch this short video about using social media for business.

If you are suspicious or doubtful about the value of using social media for business you shouldn’t be when you have watched this short video.

After watching it, if you decide you want to learn more about using social media for your business, we would be happy to discuss this with you in more depth.

We have set up and pro-actively managed a number of clients’ social media for them – so they can get on with running their business but at the same time still getting valuable exposure and promotion for their business.

For some businesses, promotion through social media now forms the core of their entire marketing efforts.

Enjoy the video.


Kony 2012

Kony 2012

Here is an amazing example of the power of film, social media and viral marketing combined.

78 million people have viewed this film on YouTube!

It’s a wonderful example, too, of people power.

The power of people to get Governments to act on grounds of justice and decency – and for the causes they really believe in.

I hope it brings the desired outcome.

Watch it, enjoy it, and be inspired by it.